Detoxication mattresses

Advantages of Kingray®Mat mattresses:

  • Combination of different methods with a wide spectrum of red and infrared waves, each has its penetration depth and its target molecule that can absorb these waves
  • Relatively small size
  • Possibility of application at home, comfortable use without being disturbed and as frequent application as needed or wanted

Effects of Kingray®Mat mattresses:

  • Good blood circulation – is the key for good health. Blood transports nutrients and oxygen and carries away waste products. Poor blood circulation causes many diseases like arthritis, back pain, heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, cancer etc. Blood circulation improves already after 10 minute thermal therapy with this mattress.
  • Detoxication – is another key for good health: with Kingray®Mat, detoxication is even more intensive than with sports. It is proved that sauna or sweat as a result of infrared irradiation detoxifies even more than regular exercise and more toxins are carried away through sweat glands. When exercising, much more water and fewer toxins are carried away. At conventional exercise, sweat contains 95 - 97 % of water and when using Kingray®Mat, sweat contains only 80 - 85 % of water and 15 - 20 % is cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. 
  • Negative ions – together with different types of irradiation, negative ions have an antibacterial and antiviral effetc and act against odour.
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Small mattress with 7 minerals

Mattress size: 70 x 35 cm
Mattress weight: 1 kg
Functions: heat, sauna, FIR (far infrared waves), negative ions

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Big mattress with photons

Mattress size: 150 x 160 cm
Mattress weight: 6 kg
Functions: photons, magnetic field, heat, FIR (far infrared rays), negative ions

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07.08.2018 | BIOquant NS LED wellness device passed following tests:
IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62471.

20.06.2018 | BIOquant NS was registered in SUKL in Slovakia
(State Institute for Drug Administration and Medical Device Administration in Slovakia, Bratislava).

18.03.2018 | Medical device BIOquant NS passed news tests:
haematology, hemolytic tests, partial tromboplastin time test (PTT), pyrogenicity test (pyrogen test).

01.09.2017 | Manufacturer Yalong Trade made a decision
to make new design and development for BIOquant NS LED, wellness device for USA market and started tests for wellness device.


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