Small mattress with 7 minerals

Mattress size: 70 x 35 cm
Mattress weight: 1 kg
Functions: heat, sauna, FIR (far infrared rays), negative ions

This rainbow mattress contains 7 minerals that have a positive effect on peoples' health. Main effects of this mattress are better blood circulation, pain relief, detoxication, weight loss

By warming the minerals, their atoms and molecules wobble. So each mineral irradiates electromagnetic waves with specific wave lenght, mainly concerning FIR – far infrared waves. These infrared waves permeate deep inside the body's tissue and activate enzymes and other body's components. When the light waves penetrate the cells and water molecules, resonant vibration occurs. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the cells, releasing toxins and energizing them. Sauna effect is reached. 

This mattress irradiates negative ions, which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness and more mental energy. They also increase immunoglobin A, an important immune factor.

Mineral composition of the mattress: yellow soil ball, white ball, tourmaline ball, jade stone ball, Amethyst crystal stone, rose quartz, magnetite ball.

  • rays, which are necessary for the growth of animals and vegetables. It can keep the proper body temperature and proper moisture. It emits far infrared rays, which can absorb chronic fatigue primary factors, bad smell and bacteria. 
  • White ball – white balls, which have whitening effect on face and contain natural minerals and amino acids.
  • Tourmaline ball – tourmaline produces negative ions, it emits far infrared rays, which affect against fatigue, bad smell and are antibacterial.
  • Jade stone – it makes your blood smooth and excretes toxins from the body. It relieves stress, reduces soreness in muscles and joints.
  • Amethyst crystal stone – has the ability to transform lower energies into higher and acts as a healer at all levels of mind, body and spirit. Already the ancient Greeks believed in the healing powers of amethyst. They believed that amethyst protected a person from intoxication, it even helps to detoxify, thus toxins (also alcohol) are carried away more easily. Amethyst also produces far infrared rays, which help to revitalize cells, improve blood circulation, promote perspiration, relieve neuralgia, backaches and arthritis, eliminate toxins. These infrared rays are good for relaxation, purify the air and have an antibacterial effect.
  • Rose quartz – rose quartz contains titanium, iron, manganese. It is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, providing beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares. It is very effective in curing ailments related to heart, kidney and stomach.
  • Magnetite ball – it contains titan (about 6%), mangan, phosphorus, magnesium. Pure magnetite contains 72,41 % of iron. It has a positive effect on blood (red blood cells) and bones.

Mattress construction:

The mattress consists of many layers. There are textiles that produce negative ions, textiles with herbal essences, 7 types of stones and minerals. Warming is realized through a wire with covering from high quality silicone. There are magnetic spools inside the mattress. Magnetic waves permeate through the whole body easily and their positive effect on different diseases, bones and joints was approved. Inside the mattress, there are photon semiconductor emitters with wave length of 660 nm, which permeates deep into body. It is cold light that absorbs on principle of phototherapy, for example in far infrared rays.

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07.08.2018 | BIOquant NS LED wellness device passed following tests:
IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62471.

20.06.2018 | BIOquant NS was registered in SUKL in Slovakia
(State Institute for Drug Administration and Medical Device Administration in Slovakia, Bratislava).

18.03.2018 | Medical device BIOquant NS passed news tests:
haematology, hemolytic tests, partial tromboplastin time test (PTT), pyrogenicity test (pyrogen test).

01.09.2017 | Manufacturer Yalong Trade made a decision
to make new design and development for BIOquant NS LED, wellness device for USA market and started tests for wellness device.


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